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Cookies on the Italian Brew’s websites

First published on 5th June 2017.

This Italian Brew’s websites, similarly to many others, use small files called cookies to help with the customisation of the user’s experience. Cookies are small text files that are stored by the browser (for example Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari) on your computer or mobile phone. They allow websites to store some information about user’s preferences and statistical usage. The cookies maintain a register for the website to respond adequately to the user’s needs during the access to the many pages of the website or when the user returns to the website at a later moment.
When you visit one of the Italian Brew’s websites, one or more of the following of the following cookies can be generated and stored on your computer:
Site performance cookies
This type of cookie remembers some of the user’s preferences or last actions, such as: the last article read by the user on our websites or their video player preferences.
Anonymous analytics cookies
Every time someone visits our website, a software provided by another organisation generates an ‘anonymous analytics cookie’. This type of cookie cannot be used to identify who is accessing our website. Its only purpose is to help us understand how many individual users the websites have, how often they access their pages and other anonymous usage statistics.
Geotargetting cookies
This type of cookie has the function to help determine the country where the user is when accessing our websites, without getting any identity information. This cookie is particularly useful to the Italian Brew’s websites as most of their content is oriented to communities in Scotland and Italy.
Registration cookies
When you register with the Italian Brew websites, some specific cookies are generated to determine if you are signed in or not when accessing the web pages. These cookies are of particular importance to determine which account you are signed in with and to allow the specific services provided to this account.
Other third party cookies
On some pages of our website, some organisations that provide specific services, such as digital payment services (PayPal, for instance), may also generate their own cookies. These cookies may be necessary to provide their services correctly to our users. Italian Brew will not access these cookies, nor the organisations will access the cookies from Italian Brew.
How do I turn cookies off?
Any user can decide to block the installation of unwanted cookies in their computer or mobile phones by changing the settings of the web browser used to access the websites. However, blocking some of these cookies can negatively interfere with the user experience when accessing the Italian Brew websites or the relevant services provided these websites.
Any user can block unwanted cookies, accessing the ‘preferences’ or ‘options’ of the web-browser. Often, the web-browser provide ‘help’ explaining in detail how to make the necessary changes. Additionally, most browser developers have a particular web page which describes the procedures to change the ‘preferences’ or ‘option’.

Further Information
For further legal information about privacy issues, these links may provide useful information:

Data Protection Act 1998

The Information Commissioner’s Office

If you would like to contact us about our privacy or cookies policies, please email us at email hidden; JavaScript is required.